New Work Weekly

Well hello! It has now been two years since I published the Pon&Zi ArtBook, which means it's been two years since I've released a new comic, but that's all about to change. I've been quietly at work, and am thrilled to officially announce that a new Pon&Zi comic will be posted weekly, here on! To help clear some dust off of the series, you may or may not have noticed that both the website and webshop have been redesigned and polished. 

As a general update, the Tshirts and Pon and Zi plushies are both very nearly out of stock and I'm not planning on having them manufactured again in the immediate future. So if you're considering grabbing those, now may be your last chance. New merch will be added to the webshop though, and button pin packs will be first out of the pipeline. Individual prints and posters will be made available shortly after, and we'll see what else I come up with at that point. 

I'm excited to get some of this new work posted, and whether you're only here by some happy accident, new to the Pon & Zi series or a long-time follower, I appreciate your visit! 

<3 Jeff Thomas