Jeff Thomas

Jeff Thomas was born in Los Angeles, California in 1988. He developed an interest in art early on, and took private lessons in landscape painting while still in elementary school. As a teenager, he was drawn toward more narrative work and felt challenged by a handful of classmates who were known for drawing comics well. He began drawing Pon and Zi around the time he first started dating, but never expected the series to go viral online. Always more focused on more "serious" illustration, entirely unrelated to Pon and Zi, new comics would be posted intermittently on his DeviantArt account. Jeff was accepted as an illustration major at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, but put earning a degree on hold while he traveled to England to oversee a line of products being licensed for sale in Europe. Another product line was manufactured out of France, and several offers were made to turn Pon and Zi into an animated series. Jeff turned down each of these offers to maintain the original intent of the comic. Jeff is currently living in Los Angeles once again, spending one day a week to crank out a new Pon&Zi comic and devoting the rest of his time to building his "other" portfolio, hoping to either apply to reenroll and finish his degree or work as a freelance illustrator without one.