Hape Toys Review 

Peter Hanstein developed Hape Toys in 1986. His big mission is to make a better world through toys. Hanstein wants children not only to play but also learn something from the toys and spread love to others.

Hape Toys Review 
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His passion leads Hape Toys more significant! Now, the company has served parents around the world for 37 years! The products produce and distributed in some countries, including Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, the USA, China, and many more. So far, this brand is available in over 60 countries and regions.

The focus of the team is producing a high-quality product to give a wonderful playing and learning experience, along with a recyclable package. All toys are designed for a 1-year-old up to 4 years old kid or even older.

They also promote the products on popular social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. This brand has 64.1k followers on Instagram and 105k subscribers on YouTube. 

This Hape Toys review will explain 3 recommended toys your kids can play with and its detail, pricing, and the reasons why your kids should play with the products. 

Why Hape Toys?

The reason why you should choose this product is not only because of its variety but also the quality. The company has a professional team who designs a toy that is safe and fun to play with. Meanwhile, your kids will learn something while playing.

Hape Toys Highlights

  • The products achieve specific certifications to show that they are safe for kids, including ISO9001, ISO14001, and Global Security Verification (GSV).
  • They won some awards, such as the Seriously STEM Award in 2018, Made for Mums Toy Awards in 2019, Top 10 Spielzeug in 2020, and others.

It shows that people accept the brand and products. The company also proves that they are trusted. Check the in-depth review below to get a better illustration. 

What's On Hape Toys

The products are safe for kids. They are made of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, including high-quality bamboo, wood, and plant plastic which is made of sugar cane.

The brand classifies the products into several categories. As a result, it is easy for you to get the right toys for your beloved kids.

Hape Toys Collections

Hape Toys Wooden Railway Battery Powered Engine No. 1 Kid's Train Set Review

Do you want to introduce a train to your kids? Hape Toys Wooden Railway Train is the option. The manufacturer uses 5 different materials, which are ABS, Metal, Magnet, TPE, and POM to create this train.

Hape Toys Wooden Railway Battery Powered Engine No. 1 Kid's Train Set Review
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amazon.com https://amazon.com

The base of this toy is aluminum. This material is not only making this product durable but also stable. Then, they paint it red, white, black, and blue. It looks simple and classy.

Your kids will love this product since it can run automatically with 2 AAA batteries. The manufacturer installs magnet connectors on it. This feature helps the toy to easily attach to other wooden railway engines. You don’t have to buy a new track set because it is compatible with the most popular wooden track sets.

Other features make this product fun to play with, such as the forward and reverse functions and front and rear lights. Your kids will learn a lot of things while playing with this product. It is also a handy toy. Your kids are about to play with a 3.74 x 1.34 x 1.93 inches train.

Due to the materials, size, and features, this wooden railway train is suitable for 3 years old kids or older. This package does not include the batteries. Ensure that you are ready with the batteries first. You can get this product at a special price of $14

Hape Toys Wooden Doll House Furniture Baby's Room Set Review

Parents who want to improve their kid’s kinesthetic skills and creativity should buy this Hape Toys Wooden Doll House Furniture Baby’s Room Set. This product is perfect for 3 years old kids or older.

Hape Toys Wooden Doll House Furniture Baby's Room Set Review
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toys.hape.com https://toys.hape.com

Your kids are about to play with seven pieces of doll house furniture, which are:

  • A crib with a mattress 
  • A changing table
  • An activity mat
  • A stroller 

Kids will be easy to touch, hold, and play with this set because of its handy size. The furniture designs are also cute and colorful enough. The material is also safe for kids, even the finishes. So, you don’t need to worry about skin allergies or other health issues because of the materials.

This toy even passes European and American safety standards. It shows that the product is ready to launch and safe enough for kids.

Let your kids use their creativity and imagination while playing with this furniture set toy. This product also matches other Hape dollhouse furniture sets. So, next time you buy another furniture set, your kids can play with them together.

Due to the small parts, this furniture set is not suitable for children under 3 years old or younger. They may put the parts in their mouth. It can cause choking hazards. Get this cute product at $16.49.

Hape Toys Quadrilla Vertigo Wooden Marble Run Blocks Review

Your kids may love to play with marble run blocks. If so, you can give them Hape Toys Quadrilla Vertigo Wooden Marble Run Blocks as a special gift. Unlike the two toys above, this product is for 4 years old or older.

Hape Toys Quadrilla Vertigo Wooden Marble Run Blocks Review
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toys.hape.com https://toys.hape.com

This product improves creativity, emotional management, and spatial thinking. Imagine that your kids have to install the parts into a big marble railway. Yet, their effort is paid because the obstacles are various.

The marbles are about to pass through the spiral tunnels and seesaws. The designer is even inspired by Da Vinci circles! It’s fun to see the marbles run from the top to the bottom. Because of the unique design, the Wall Street Journal praised it as a toy to teach code and STEAM principles. Plus, it won the Good Toy Platinum Award Winner.

This toy also helps to build a good relationship between parents and their kids. The manufacturer also supports this product with an app so that parents can learn the instructions. This item is compatible with some Hape marble run products. The price of this marble run block is $96.75.

Hape Toys Pricing 

The price of the toys varies based on the category. For example, the doll house furniture set is $16.49, whereas the marble run block is $96.75. Check the catalog for each price of the product.

This brand also offers a variety of special offers, including:

  • 35% off on selected items
  • Special discount prices
  • 10% off when using a specific discount code

Hape Toys Pros and Cons 

To be a wise purchaser, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of the brand you will buy. Thus, here are the Hape Toys’ pros and cons for your consideration.

Hape Toys Pros

  • The products are made of non-toxic materials and finishes
  • The products are trusted due to the awards and certifications
  • The manufacturer offers a lot of educational toys based on their type and age
  • It is easy to find toys according to age
  • The team sends the replacement parts if there is something wrong with the product

Hape Toys Cons

  • Some parts, such as AA batteries, are often not included in the packages

Is Hape Toys Worth To Buy?

Indeed, the Hape Toys review above explains a lot about why this product is worth buying. Your kids are not only playing with an ordinary toy. They are about to play with educational toys that are designed by specialists.

Is Hape Toys Worth To Buy?
Image credit: facebook.com/HapeToysUSA
facebook.com/HapeToysUSA https://facebook.com/HapeToysUSA

Soon, you will see the differences before and after your kids play with the products. Everything is safe, so there is nothing to worry about.  

Hape Toys Customer Service 

The brand’s customer service is ready to reply to your questions and help solve your problems related to the products. You can contact them in two ways, which are:

They will respond to you during business hours which are on Monday to Friday from 8.30 am – 4.30 pm (MT).

Hape Toys
199 Pembina Road, 2nd Floor,
Sherwood Park, AB T8H 2W8 Canada

Where To Buy Hape Toys 

Buying Hape toys is easy. You can go to the official website, toys.hape.com. Nowadays, they also sell their products on popular marketplaces, such as Amazon. It is a good alternative for those who love to purchase something in a marketplace. 


There are some questions that may help you to understand the brand and its products better.

Are Hape Toys made in China?

Yes, the toys are made in a factory that is located in Ningbo, China. The team manages everything there, including production, monitoring, and distribution. 

Where are Hape Toys from?

The origin of this product is Germany. It was started when Peter Handstein and his sister supplied products for kindergarten in 1986. This small business became a local toy shop. They focus on business development. Now, parents around the world can have Hape toys to provide their children better playing experience.  

Who makes Hape Toys?

These toys are made by Peter Handstein in 1986. At that time, he had to supply educational toys for kindergartens in Germany. Handstein and his team produce all products based on the US and Europe safety standards for children’s toys. 


According to the Hape Toys review above, these products are recommended to buy. The manufacturer produces the toys based on strict standards, including safety standards.

They also try to ensure people by sending the toys to specific tests to pass the certification. Plus, some of the toys also won awards. One thing is for sure; the toys encourage children to be more creative, confident, and active. 

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