Shinymarch Review

Shinymarch is a Missouri-based company that provides innovative kid toys to help children enjoy a happy childhood and bring the family together for hours of fun. 

Shinymarch Review
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Over 100 employees have worked for this company since its establishment in 2018. They are a team of qualified and dedicated workers that ensure a manufacturing process with quality control.

As of now, more than 80,000 satisfied customers have picked these toys to suit their child’s abilities. Yup, these toys are suitable for exercising kids’ concentration. 

They also seem active in social media, with 1k+ followers on Facebook and 3k+ followers on Instagram. Once you visit the homepage, you will be entertained by playful and eye-catching toys. 

So are you ready to be part of your child’s impressive growth? This Shinymarch review will tell you everything in between about the overall quality of the brand from both our perspective and honest customer reviews. Stay with us!

Why Shinymarch?

When selecting good-quality toys for your loved ones, you must know which toys are safe and free from harmful materials. If you shop at Shinymarch, you don’t need to be afraid of the quality.

This brand always prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction to keep its customers truly loving it. Here are some of the exciting benefits you can get: 


  • Free shipping on all orders 
  • Ship to worldwide 
  • Same-day dispatch except on weekend
  • Easy to exchange and return
  • Offers huge discounts and promotions
  • 24/7 customer service 

What's On Shinymarch

There are 4 main collections available on Shinymarch. Each collection has its special function and contributes to shaping children’s encouragement. 

What's On Shinymarch
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From enlightenment frog balance and magnetic assembled block to a unique puzzle game. Below are plenty of selections you can choose from:

These toys are ideal for children aged 1-4 years. At this stage, the child’s development patterns are very important. They begin to move from babyhood to a stage of tremendous physical growth and emotional change

Shinymarch Tetris Puzzle Board Game Review

Have you found any interesting toys yet? If not, we would like to recommend you grab the Tetris Puzzle Board Game for kids aged 3 years old and above.

Shinymarch Tetris Puzzle Board Game Review
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Made of environmentally friendly ABS plastic with safety standards to play over and over again, alone or with parents. It features sparkling crystal textures to enhance spatial thinking and 3D pattern understanding.

It comes in a compact size (23 x 5 x 19.8 cm) which is super handy to carry around even when traveling. In addition, you can pick from two colors, classic yellow or red.

Even better, the smooth square is incredibly touch-safe with no sharp edges. The vivid colors add curiosity to children’s sense of color distinction. Your kids will love it, really!

Anyway, it costs $29.99, and add Rainbow Push Pop Bubble plus Children Projection Drawing Board to buy together in your purchase for extra encouragement. 

8.0 8/10
Safe to use
9.0 9/10
9.0 9/10
8.0 8/10

Shinymarch Price

We’re so happy to inform you that Shinymarch is on sale now. Yup, some selected product has a discount price of up to 45% off on each page. Or get 10% off your first order when you join the email list. Also, find a discount code and apply it while check out. 

The price of each of its products ranges from $20 to $100+. Each item has a different price depending on the level of complexity and materials used.

Shinymarch Pros & Cons

Every item sold in the market has advantages and drawbacks that customers must recognize before buying it. Thus, here we have listed some points about this toy store to make it easier. Check it out!

Shinymarch Pros 

  • Plenty of child’s toys choices 
  • It has unique designs  and light colors 
  • It’s made of premium materials
  • Safe to use for children between 1-4 years old 
  • It’s good to develop problem-solving skills 
  • Improve creativity and raise self-confident 
  • Best value for the money 

Shinymarch Cons 

  • As of now, we couldn’t find any negative side to the brand 

Is Shinymarch Legit?

Some of you might find this brand skeptical. No need to worry. Shinymarch is a legit company that specializes in producing quality goods for the needs of children around the world. 

Everything went through with careful manufacturing process and passed quality control. You can even send it back to the warehouse if you’re not happy with it. 

Is Shinymarch Worth To Buy?

Without a doubt, their items are worth every purchase. The brand is able to embrace the latest fashion trends to deliver designs that grab children’s attention and the colors that children love.

Is Shinymarch Worth To Buy?
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In terms of price, this product is affordable for everyone. It’s a great way for parents to decide on the best option for their child’s development. If you’re unsure, feel free to contact exceptional customer service to assist you.

Shinymarch Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

As mentioned above, thousands of customers have brought this toy home and kept their children active and engaged. We’ve pulled some testimonials from their website to build your trust even more in this brand. So let’s hear what the customer actually says:

Starting with the first review, one customer found this toy extremely effective in getting his child to play around and forget the mobile games. She said:

Exceed my expectations. I bought it for my son. I want him to be engaged in more thinking rather than playing on the iPad all day.

These toys allow parents to build a closer bonding with their children. Just like the other customer said:

That’s great. Looks like I can play with them! Love the product.

Additionally, another buyer said that this educational toy is truly awesome and loved by her child. As she mentioned below: 

Baby’s favorite toy. This toy is amazing, I highly recommend it. This is the first toy that my daughter has been interested in. It really seems to help develop her grasping ability. She can always get it …

Overall, most customers are thrilled with the brand and leave positive feedback. You can find the rest of the honest testimonials on its website.

Shinymarch Track Order

Enter your tracking number on the “Order Tracking” page to see how far your order has been delivered. Or insert your order number and email address. 

Congrats! Your order will arrive soon.

How To Contact Shinymarch

For other detailed information about the brand and each product, feel free to contact the customer service team during working hours on Mon – Fri, 10 am – 9 pm, and Saturday, 11 am – 4 pm. Use one of the easy contact methods below:

Another option, visit their social media account at:

  • Facebook: @ShinymarchToyStore
  • Instagram: @shinymarchonline
  • Pinterest: @shinymarchonlinestore
  • YouTube: @shinymarch4384
  • TikTok: @shinymarchonline

Shinymarch Address

Mullanphy St.
St. Louis, Missouri

Shinymarch Shipping Policy

Lucky you, this brand offers to ship around the world. You can also claim free shipping on every purchase over $69.  

The shipping time will be different depending on your area. It takes 5-10 business days within US & Canada & South America. Meanwhile, it needs 6-12 business days to deliver the order to Europe, Australia, Singapore & New Zealand.

They used USPS ePacket Service to ensure fast shipping. Once your order is sent, you can track the package after 12 hours.

Shinymarch Return Policy

You can request a refund within 30 days after you receive the package. Here are the easy steps to start your refund:

  • Contact customer service to get the return address
  • All returned products must be in the original package with a price tag 
  • To avoid tax, please return to your local post office

The team will evaluate your package and decide whether your return is accepted. Please wait within 7 days to receive the notification from them. 

Where To Buy Shinymarch

Be the first to get exclusive offers once you purchase the educational toys directly through Shinymarch’s official online store. You can enjoy extra discounts and the convenience of shopping there. 


Shinymarch gives smart solutions for kids to minimize their addiction to gadgets. Stay with your kids as much as possible when playing with the toys you buy for them. You’ll ensure their safety and strengthen your connection with them.

Additionally, you need to determine your child’s interests so that you wouldn’t buy the wrong toy. This will help him to develop his imagination and boost his concentration. 

So, what are you waiting for? Add to your cart now and create endless fun along with your little one!

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